Why PR

Why You Need Professional PR:

• An effective public relations presence showcases your brand in a positive light to sponsors, fans and the media. Teams ranging from the upper echelon of racing to regional competitors and even weekend warriors use professional press releases as an effective marketing tool to keep their brand in the limelight. It is pertinent to have a strong PR presence because most of your competitors will.
• It allows your fans and sponsors to be constantly updated about your results and plans
• One of the most critical functions of a professional press release is to thank and promote your sponsors. Press releases don’t guarantee new sponsorship, but the service goes a long way in keeping your current sponsors in the loop as well as acknowledging their importance to your program.
• Professional press releases are the meat in the sandwich of a productive PR presence. It is also important to have a mobile-friendly website that is updated weekly as well as social media accounts that provide the latest information and interactive moments with your fans.
• Press releases should not only be posted on a website. A link to that press release should be provided on each social media account and the release should be sent to national media, sponsors and emails for family/fans provided by the client.
• PR bonuses include crisis management, media training and at-the-track support during select events.

Professional Press Releases Include:

• A recap of the previous week’s events and a preview of upcoming events
• Quick results that make it easy to see where you started and finished each race
• Season statistics that keep track of the number of races, wins, top fives, top 10s, etc.
• Where you are racing next to make it easy for sponsors and fans to follow you
• Links to social media so your website, Twitter and Facebook are only one click away
• Sponsor spotlight, which promotes the sponsor of the week with a paragraph about their business, a link to their website and a quote from the driver about the benefit of that sponsor
• Links to merchandise and/or links to videos of victories if available

How It Works:
• We set a day of each week that is our PR day (even if we don’t do weekly press releases that specific day will be PR day)
• Inside Line Promotions representative will call the client on PR day, get quotes and information, put the press release together and distribute that day
• All a client needs to do is a quick interview and retweet/share the press release via their social media accounts once it is live

Additional Services:
• Maintain websites
• Post press releases to social media accounts
• Create postseason thank you letter to sponsors
• Develop a professional caliber sponsorship proposal
• Supervise and manage the generation of marketing tools, such as hero cards and merchandise

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