Media Options

Press Releases & Publicity:

• A weekly recap article including a preview of the upcoming event, sponsors highlighted, season statistics, social media links and merchandise information, which is sent to sponsors, racing websites, fans and various media outlets at the discretion of the client.

• A profile will be created on, which features driver information, a link to the driver’s website and all press releases written by Inside Line Promotions throughout the season.

“My relationship with my fans and sponsors has improved tremendously since teaming up with Inside Line Promotions. I look forward to the years to come and all the exciting things that we are going to add to our program.” – Tony Bruce Jr.

Pre-Race and Post-Race Social Media Graphics:

The current options of custom social media graphics include pre-race and post-race.

For drivers and teams, a pre-race graphic will include a picture of the client, when and where they are competing at that week, social media links and up to three sponsor logos. A post-race graphic includes the same information with results included.

Tracks and series will have a slightly different pre-race graphic focusing on the pertinent information for the upcoming event(s).

Any graphic will be posted on the Team ILP social media accounts and will be presented to the client to post on their social media accounts, allowing fans, sponsors and the media to keep up to date with the latest news and most important information.

Additional Services:

• A postseason thank you letter to distribute to sponsors.

• Supervise and manage the generation of marketing tools and apparel, including hero cards and merchandise (shirts, hoodies, beanies, stickers, etc.) upon the approval of the client.

• Establish and maintain social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter fan pages.

• Website managed weekly by posting articles and updating the schedule, results, pictures, video, statistics and more.

“When you find someone who truly loves what they do and put their heart and soul into it, you get a good product. I’ve seen what you’ve done for me and everybody else and I really do appreciate it.” – Danny Lasoski

Video Gallery

Inside Line Promotions

Team ILP Wins

Frank Flud - 35
Dominic Scelzi - 22
David Gravel - 14
Brian Brown - 8
Derek Hagar - 8
Chase Johnson - 8
Justin Henderson/Mike Sandvig - 7
Tyler Thompson - 7
Jack Dover - 6
Jordon Mallett - 6
Marshall Skinner - 6
Scott Bogucki - 5
James Setters - 4
Roger Crockett - 3
Trey Starks - 3
Channin Tankersley - 3
Greg Wilson - 3
Tyler Driever - 2
Alan Krimes - 2
Joey Amantea - 1
Dylan Cisney - 1
Robbie Price - 1
Connor Sheffield - 1
Garet Williamson - 1

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