Driver Profile

Madison  Mallett

Madison Mallett

  • Team Manager

Madison, Jordon's wife is his number one supporter. Her passion for his success keeps him motivated even in the toughest times. She always keeps social media buzzing, along with always keeping the car clean.He loves her dearly, even though she has no filter when telling him what she thinks about his driving!

Steve Mallett

Steve Mallett

  • Crew Chief

Steve is Jordon's dad and true racing hero. Jordon's passion for racing began at a young age while watching his dad as a successful racer himself.
Steve displays unsurpassed hard work and dedication for the sport that keeps Jordon motivated to be successful.
Steve is Jordon's right hand man on and off the track.

Jonie  Mallett

Jonie Mallett

  • Crew Member

Jonie, Jordon's Mom has been supporting his race career from the beginning. She always makes sure everyone is taken care of, and well feed while at the track. She is also the awesome videographer for his fans every time his car touches the track.

Axle  Mallett

Axle Mallett

Axle is Jordon's biggest fan, loyal best friend and shop companion!

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Team ILP Wins

Frank Flud - 31
Dominic Scelzi - 21
David Gravel - 13
Brian Brown - 8
Derek Hagar - 8
Chase Johnson - 8
Justin Henderson/Mike Sandvig - 7
Tyler Thompson - 7
Jack Dover - 6
Marshall Skinner - 6
Scott Bogucki - 5
Jordon Mallett - 5
James Setters - 4
Roger Crockett - 3
Trey Starks - 3
Channin Tankersley - 3
Greg Wilson - 3
Tyler Driever - 2
Alan Krimes - 2
Joey Amantea - 1
Dylan Cisney - 1
Robbie Price - 1
Connor Sheffield - 1
Garet Williamson - 1

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