Driver Websites Produces Custom Website for Raidart Racing

Driver Websites Produces Custom Website for Raidart Racing

Inside Line Promotions – SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Jan. 31, 2014) – Raidart Racing is the latest team to utilize a custom website from Driver Websites.

The father-son team out of Gurnee, Ill., is diehard about racing and took its passion as fans to the seat of a pair of sprint cars. To learn more about Branden and Zach Raidart, visit

The website features background info and will include the latest press releases, an updated schedule with current results, photo and video galleries, links to sponsor websites and more on the Raidarts.

“I get asked all the time why travel so much for a silly sprint car race,” Branden Raidart said. “Here’s why: we traveled to Brownstown, Ind., for a race. We were running late due to the fact that I forgot they were an hour ahead of us. I was starting to panic so I picked up the phone and was reassured that they would draw for us and everything will be fine (provided we get there before the first heat race). We made it, we raced and we got to meet some of the nicest people on the face of the planet, just as we have at every track we’ve gone to this year. Zach won the hard charger award, had a ton of fun and got more seat time. The people we have met this year alone has made every mile worth more than money could buy.”

Zach Raidart, a.k.a. “Hollywood,” has spent three seasons racing a mini sprint, recently capped by the Wisconsin Mini Sprint Assocation’s Most Improved Driver of the Year award.

Stay tuned to for the latest from the track.


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